Faculty of Business Economics enrolls students at the four-year undergraduate academic programme:


The study program International Business Economics is a form of higher education that offers applicable economic knowledge and skills in the practice of international and domestic companies. The program is a response to the dynamic changes in the international business environment, the need for new competencies, knowledge, and skills expected for the economists by the company, the economy and state institutions. The program is based on the current trends of development of economic science and profession both in international and domestic context. As such, it contributes to the further development of economic science and profession, and strengthening links between education and economy, science and practice between the Republic of Serbia and other countries of the world.
The program has the mission to respond to the growing challenges of globalization and financial integration. Serbia’s economy is day by day increasingly becoming part of the global economy, both in terms of international trade, and from the standpoint of international business relations. At the micro and macro level, the corporate sector and international organizations, the necessary human resources should adequately be able to respond to the new challenges of international economics and business.
The objectives of the program allow students basic and specific skills that will enable them, after completing undergraduate studies, to achieve their individual goals and, at the same time open the door for further process of scientific and professional training in accordance with the Bologna process, through the quality of scientific and educational process and with quality and competent scientific and teaching staff.


All the candidates with a high school diploma (the fourth level of education) have the right to enrollment at the first year of studies.

Foreign students with previously validated secondary school diploma also have the right to enrollment.

All the candidates wishing to enroll at the first year of studies must take the entry exam.

The entry exam is in the form of the written test. Its first part consists of the economics preference test, and the second part involves a short letter of motivation.

The following documents must be submitted before taking the entry exam:

  • A high school or secondary school diploma;
  • 4 certificates, one for each secondary school year;
  • Birth certificate (not older than six months);
  • The receipt of the payment for the entry exam.

All documents could be originals or certified copies not older than 6 months.

For further questions regarding the enrollment and studies at Faculty of Business economics contact info center tel. no 014/293-270 and 293/271.