The main objective of “John Naisbitt” University and the Faculty of Business Economics is to educate experts in various fields and the dissemination of modern knowledge and technologies. The University is developing into a modern, European higher education institution, recognized for its educational, scientific and professional achievements of its graduates.

The modern quality system is applied at “John Naisbitt” University and the Faculty of Business Economics. The Faculty of Business Economics is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its activities, in order to accomplish its mission, the objectives being achieved effectively and to meet the demands of the University and society as a whole.

The quality of teaching is based on the quality of the teaching and non-teaching staff and modern infrastructure. Each employee is responsible for the implementation of quality policy and management bodies of the Faculty and University to provide understanding, implementation and maintenance of quality policy.

The quality system provides a framework for different elements and processes needed to achieve the goals of “John Naisbitt” University and the Faculty of Business Economics.

Quality system encourages innovation in teaching, as well as autonomy and responsibility in carrying out educational and extracurricular activities.

In order to confirm that the standards of education of the Faculty of Business Economics and the University are at the highest level and in accordance with ISO 9001: 200 confirms the WRG Inc. Certificate number 3574 since 24th June 2014.

In addition to WRG Inc. certificate, in a formal sense, the quality system is determined by the documents of Megatrend University Quality Policy, Rules of Procedure for quality control, The Rules of quality, etc.