A higher education unit, outside the seat of the institution without legal personality, the Faculty of Business Economics Valjevo (hereinafter the Faculty), within the Faculty of International Economics in Belgrade, is an institution  which, through the accreditation process, becomes the Faculty of Business Economics Valjevo.

The specificity of the Faculty is reflected in the contemporary mode of study and applied economics and finance, with a multidisciplinary approach to the study of economic development and interconnection of the world regions, national economies and companies. This includes the study of primarily financial and economic, but also geographical, historical, political, legal, cultural and linguistic characteristics of certain parts of the world.

The main tasks, which correspond to the mission of the Faculty are:

  • Meeting the needs of students in the field of basic academic, graduate and doctoral academic studies as well as special programs for continuing professional education, providing them with quality education, modern study programs and adequate working conditions;
  • Carrying out independent research projects in collaboration with other institutions from home and abroad;
  • Publication and dissemination of scientific and professional knowledge through modern publishing of printed and electronic publications;
  • Application of acquired knowledge in contemporary practice and the provision of technical assistance to customers in industry, government institutions and society as a whole; and
  • Continuous updating of study programs and research projects in accordance with current scientific knowledge and achievements.

The main objectives of the Faculty are:

  • Quality transmission of scientific, professional knowledge and skills in the field of economics and finance;
  • Raising the quality of all levels of study programs;
  • Achieving a high level of competence of students;
  • Facilitating the mobility of students in accordance with the Bologna Declaration;
  • Formation of young scientists and its inclusion in teaching and research projects;
  • Increasing the scientific and educational quality of professors;
  • Continuation of the successful international positioning of the Faculty in the framework of the common European educational space;
  • Enhancing the reputation of the Faculty in the country and abroad; and
  • Providing the necessary resources required for the implementation of educational and research activities, high-quality and efficient information systems.

Such defined tasks and objectives indicate social reasons for the Faculty and determine the general guidelines of their activities, as well as future priorities in the field of economic and financial studies.