Studying at the Faculty of Business Economics Valjevo comprises the classic European system where practice dominates in relation to the theory. Students are provided with enough time for duties outside the Faculty. Wide compatibility of the program with the documents of the European Union (Bologna Declaration) in practical terms means that students who choose to study at the Faculty of Business Economics, open themselves the door for further education, employment and work abroad. Students can fully apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practical parts of the profession. They arrive at the labor market fully prepared and trained – with ability to completely develop different knowledge, skills and confidence levels as well as means of oral and written expressions. Great attention is paid to the analysis of cases, practical problem solving, organizing workshops, etc. The Faculty atmosphere encourages motivation for learning, and the opinion of students is taken into account; students are not irrelevant. Teachers and assistants are open for discussions and suggestions of students, and if feasible, will be accepted.

At the undergraduate studies of the Faculty International Business Economics, students have the opportunity to select the subjects of their own preference through elective subjects. Students are constantly working on themselves and, in the end, with their efforts, achieve the results they thought it would have been impossible to achieve. Through intensive learning of foreign languages (apart from English, other world’s leading languages are also enabled – Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese or Japanese language) students acquire the ability to facilitate communication and the use of foreign literature which is not available in Serbian language.

At all levels of study, students are enabled with study programs – undergraduate academic studies- International Business Economics, MSc studies – Geoeconomic and Regional Studies, Banking and Finance and PhD studies – The joint PhD program in Economics. Study programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Republic of Serbia or the KAPK (document available on site of FBE).
All candidates wishing to enroll must take an entrance exam, and the number of students enrolled will be limited. The Faculty program focuses on quality, not quantity.

Studying at the Faculty of Business Economics provides a good opportunity.

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